Transportation in Southern, Maine

Senior Care Transportation Services

Quality Comfort Home Care Inc in Southern, Maine understands that driving may no longer be an option for your loved one, but we don’t think that should be a reason to stay inside. As part of our comprehensive care portfolio, Quality Comfort Home Care Inc offers a full range of senior care transportation services. A fully screened and trained caregiver will accompany your senior to and from:

  • Doctor and therapy appointments
  • Hospital or outpatient facility
  • Prescription pick-up, grocery shopping, and other errands
  • Visits with friends and relatives
  • Social and religious functions
Transportation in  Southern, Maine
The specially trained, bonded, and insured caregivers at Quality Comfort Home Care Inc will assist you to the vehicle and stay with you during every moment of your transport, with your well-being and safety as their number one priority. Once your trip is complete, we will get you comfortably settled back at your home.
Transportation in  Southern, Maine

Quality Comfort Home Care Inc offers a complete range of senior care transportation services which include:

  1. Ambulatory Transportation – If your loved one is mobility-challenged but only requires some personal assistance such as a cane or walker, we will transport them in a regular vehicle.
  2. Wheelchair Transportation – We transport patients who use wheelchairs in a specialized vehicle called an ambulette. The ambulette is a wheelchair-accessible van that has a hydraulic lift to load the wheelchair inside. It has a carefully designed series of straps and locks to secure the wheelchair while it’s in transport. The van also has additional seating for other ambulatory passengers as well.
  3. Stretcher Transportation – We have vehicles designed to accommodate patients on stretchers. We will send a second employee to assist with the transportation.
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